Busy Person's Box

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5 tasty meals to make your life easier. Welcome to the Busy Person's Box!

***Special Offer*** Get 4 boxes delivered and get your 5th box free! Offer only valid on your first four boxes.

The contents in this box will alternate each week and will include the following:
  • Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable Curry with a Pack of 2 Previn naan breads.
  • Chicken & ham, steak & ale or steak & kidney pie
  • Chicken Kiev, Lasagne, Beef Chilli or Lamb Tagine
  • Lamb Steak, Topside Steak, Pork Steak or Chicken Breast
  • Sausages 3 per person
The naan, steak and chicken breasts will be fresh, the remaining meals will arrive frozen.
Previns Ltd is a small local producer based in Thurmaston. They make the Indian paste which is then added to Waterloo Cottage Farm's meat to make our curries. The naan are are also made by Previns.
All beef, lamb and pork is grown ethically on Waterloo Cottage Farm. The chicken breasts are Red tractor assured from Yorkshire.
The photo shows a two person box.