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Cobblers Nibble


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Produced by Hamm Tun Fine Foods.

Cobblers Nibble is a multi award winning hard English cheese made from pasteurised cows milk from a local Northamptonshire Fresian herd. It is a truly handmade cheese, made in a traditional open vat no machinery is used for ripening the milk or washing the curds this all done by hand. The aging process is a closely guarded secret, that helps us produce our distinctive rind. The cheese is a cross between Wensleydale, Brie & Stilton. Wensleydale as it crumbles in your mouth with a slight tart after taste, brie as the crumbly texture falls away to a smooth creamy mural in your mouth and Stilton for the powerful aged hints of penicillin that blend perfectly to encompass the character aspects of all three cheeses in one.

Not suitable for vegetarians.

Supplier Hamm Tun Fine Foods
Shelf Life 6 weeks
Allergen Information Contains dairy. Not suitable for vegetarians.
Category Cheese