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Fyr Drenc Single Malt - Beech Smoked (40%)

Beer, Cider, Wine & Spirits / Wharf Distillery
Product Description

Produced by Wharf Distillery. Fyr Drenc, single malt spirit 40% | Beech Smoked. Fyr Drenc [fur] [drengk] Anglo-Saxon n. fire drink. Triple distilled using four types of malted barley to produce an elegant spirit reflective of the English countryside. For those who prefer a smokey, peaty single malt we have crafted this Isaly-style single malt using beech smoke. Strong aroma of camp-fires, summer barbecues, peaty, smokey, subtle beech sweetness and a long finish. Weight: 0.8kg or 1.5kg. Bottle size: 35cl or 70cl.

Supplier Wharf Distillery
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Category Beer, Cider, Wine & Spirits
Challenge 25