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Winwick Gold Medium Dry Still Cider (6.5%)

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Produced by Healy's of Winwick. This is where it all began, our original, numero uno. A bright & rich full flavoured cider matured for 6 months. It's produced using hand picked apples from the parish of Winwick in rural Northamptonshire. Thanks for choosing this cider. It takes a lot of hard work to produce each bottle and each time you choose one from the shelf, or we hear you talking about how much you love it, it makes us really proud. Good choice.

Supplier Healy's of Winwick
Ingredients A unique blend of dessert, culinary and crab Apples. The colour's all natural, it comes from apples maturing over time. no flavourings NO Added Colours.
Shelf Life 12 Months
Allergen Information Contains Sulphites, but only to help it stay fresh
Category Cider
Challenge 25