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Ingredients, Mayo, Mustard & Oils

Chilli and Cumin Dressing


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Produced by Farrington's. The aromatic flavours of chilli and cumin come together to create a lively dressing or a marvellous marinade. Rich in Omega 3 with a gentle, fragrant heat.

Supplier Farrington Oils
Ingredients 36.33% Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, 27.25% Water, 7.26 White Wine Vinegar, 16.35% Dijon Mustard (water, mustard flour, spirit vinegar, sea salt, mustard husk, spices), 9.09% Unrefined Sugar, 0.91% Fine additive Free Sea Salt, 0.73% Chilli Flakes, 0.27% Garlic, 1.36% Cumin Seeds, 0.45% Coarse Ground Black Pepper
Shelf Life 12 months
Allergen Information
Category Ingredients, Mayo, Mustard & Oils