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Explore Chocolate Vegan Dark Chocolate Single Origin Easter Egg


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“Bean to Bar” Chocolate Egg made using our 70% Single Origin Dark Chocolate from Ghana. With subtle flavour notes of red berries and coconut, this is a mellow and decadent dark chocolate egg which has been lovingly hand made in small batches by our chocolatiers in Northamptonshire. Please note: Every Easter Egg is sightly different and hand painted using coloured cocoa butter. Vegan friendly: These Dark Chocolate eggs are completely dairy free and suitable for vegans. Shelf life: The shelf life of our Easter Eggs is at least 12 months from date of delivery and we recommend storing them in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Packaging: We send our eggs to you wrapped in biodegradable cellophane, with ribbon and a card tag.

Supplier Explore Chocolate
Ingredients Dark Chocolate: Cocoa Solids 70% (Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter), Sugar, Vanilla, Emsulsifier (Soy lecithin) Natural Colourings: E133 Brilliant Blue, E129 Allura Red AC, E171 Titanium Oxide, E120 Carmine.
Shelf Life 12 months
Allergen Information Soy
Category Cakes, Cookies & Chocolate