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Persian Stew for Two Ⓥ

Vegetarian & Vegan / FarrinHeight Foods Ⓥ
Product Description

This new dish from our vegan supplier FarrinHeight Foods is a lovely veggie stew made using Persian ingredients including barberries and sumac

Supplied frozen.  Simply defrost, reheat and serve with your preferred accompaniment e.g. flat breads or herby cous cous

Suitable for vegans. Made using no gluten-containing ingredients.

This product is supplied in a reuseable plastic tub. For the sake of the environment please consider washing and reusing it, or return it to edibLE16 for FarrinHeight Foods to reuse, thank you

Supplier FarrinHeight Foods Ⓥ
Ingredients baby potatoes, butternut squash, tomatoes, spinach, onion, rapeseed oil, tomato puree, fresh coriander, barberries, tarragon, dill, cumin seeds sumac, turmeric, chilli flakes
Shelf Life
Allergen Information none
Category Vegetarian & Vegan