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Braybrooke Smash MalBock


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330ml. This Maibock is a nod to the tradition of brewing and aging strong beers in winter and releasing them in spring. We brewed ours way back in early December, and after a long fermentation and a whopping 11 weeks of lagering in tank, its now ready to drink. It has simplicity and finesse: we brewed it with only Pilsner malt and Mandarina Bavaria hops. It's malty, strong and full flavoured, but still lighter and hoppier than a classic bock, making it very easy to drink for the strength. A true celebration to spring. Vegan friendly.

Supplier Braybrooke Lager
Ingredients Water, BARLEY Malt, Hops, Yeast
Shelf Life As seen on bottle
Allergen Information BARLEY
Category Beer
Challenge 25