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Destination Box by Explore Chocolate


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Bringing a selection of faraway flavours to your door. We've made 9 different chocolates inspired by places around the world. The box contains 18 chocolates, so is perfect for sharing or keeping to yourself! Contents: Raspberry Ripple (UK) Lemon & Olive (Sicily) Mango Lhassi (India) Mango & Yoghurt Bali, Baby (Bali) Palm Sugar, Coconut, Ginger, Lime. Maple Ganache (Canada) Zobo (West Africa) Hibiscus, Pineapple, Ginger. Maldivian Lady (Maldives) Orange, Pineapple, Brandy & Rum Lamington (Australia) Coconut Picarones (Peru) Spiced Sweet Potato, Orange, Brandy

Supplier Explore Chocolate
Ingredients Chocolate (Cocoa Solids ((Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass) Sugar, Vanilla, Emulsifier: SOY lecithin. Raspberry Ripple White Chocolate MILK, Raspberries, Sugar, UHT Cream MILK, Pectin, Glucose, Sorbitol. Lemon & Olive Lemon, Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil, Glucose, Pectin. Mango Lhassi White Chocolate MILK, Mango, Yoghurt MILK, Glucose, Sorbitol. Bali Baby Dark Chocolate, Coconut Oil, Palm Sugar, Ginger, Lime. Maple Ganache Dark Chocolate, Maple Syrup, Rice Milk, Glucose, Sorbitol. Zobo Dark Chocolate, Pineapple, Ginger, Hibiscus, Glucose, Sorbitol. Maldivian Lady Pineapple, Orange, Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Rum, Brandy, Glucose, Pectin. Lamington Milk Chocolate MILK, Coconut Oil, Dessicated Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Rice Milk, Glucose, Vanilla. Picarones Dark Chocolate, Sweet Potato, Water, Brandy, Brown Sugar, Glucose, Spices, Orange Oil, Sorbitol. Natural Colourings: E133 Brilliant Blue, E129 Allura Red AC, E171 Titanium Oxide, E120 Carmine.
Shelf Life 1 month
Allergen Information Milk, Soy
Category Cakes, Cookies & Chocolate