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Free Range Duck


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he Fosse free range duck is generous and delicious, with succulent marbled meat and an exceptionally rich flavour. Our duck is truly a duck not a duckling! Slow grown for 3+ months to full maturity Fed a natural cereal diet with plenty of clover-rich pasture to graze Dry plucked and game hung for 7 days — Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste 1 Star Winner, 2020 judges comments: Clearly a quality animal, with a tasty overall flavour profile. The leg meat is rich and sweet, retaining good moisture. Lovely intense depth on the nose and a really lovely looking bird. There is a lovely sweetness to the meat along with a soft almost perfumed note which is delightful. Great colour to the skin, visibly moist and a lovely savoury, slightly gamey aroma. Good ratio of fat to meat. A very impressive bird! — 3.5kg typically feeds 6 people Comes with giblets, duck fat and a pop-up timer Subject to availability

Supplier Waterloo Cottage Farm
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Allergen Information NONE
Category Christmas Aisle