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5 Wild Bird Fat Balls

Pet Food / Dozy Dog
Product Description

Wild bird fatballs are a great source of protein and nourishment especially through the winter months and breeding season. They are extremely popular and enjoyed by a wide range of species. Our fatballs are available in a bag of 5 and contain a mixture of fat & seeds to ensure your birds are getting all their dietary requirements. Our great quality suet products are produced on a long established family farm in Bedfordshire in conjunction with the Eyebrook Farm in Leicestershire who farm to the same high environmental standards. Why do we stock this particular seed? Eyebrook Wild Bird Feeds is part of Rectory Farm in Leicestershire run by the Johnson family, as a traditional family farm. Their delicious recipes are all blended on the farm where they are passionate about our environment and all those who inhabit it. The farm surrounds the beautiful Eyebrook Reservoir and is a haven for birds and animals, therefore by feeding Eyebrook Bird Feeds you can guarantee your seed is mixed on a conservation farm dedicated to improving the environment for birds and wildlife.

Supplier Dozy Dog
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