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Japanese Curry for Two Ⓥ

Vegetarian & Vegan / FarrinHeight Foods Ⓥ
Product Description

This is a very flavourful curry which, typical of Japanese curries, is mild and sweet. Ingredients include sweet potato, carrot, bell peppers, apple and edamame beans and a long list of tasty spices

Ready meal for two people, sold frozen. Simply defrost and reheat until piping hot. Serve with your choice of grain, e.g. jasmine rice, brown rice or quinoa.

Suitable for vegans.  No gluten-containing ingredients

This meal is supplied in a reusable plastic tub; for the sake of the environment please consider washing and reusing it. Alternatively return it to edibLE16 for FarrinHeight Foods to reuse. Thank you

Supplier FarrinHeight Foods Ⓥ
Ingredients carrots, sweet potato, onion, apple, mixed peppers, edamame beans, tomato ketchup, stock, brown sugar, TAMARI, garlic, cornstarch, spices (turmeric, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper, clove, nutmeg, five spice, black pepper)
Shelf Life see label for use by date
Allergen Information contains soya
Category Vegetarian & Vegan