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Meat-free Sausage Rolls Ⓥ

Vegetarian & Vegan / FarrinHeight Foods Ⓥ
Product Description

FarrinHeight Foods' 'sausage' rolls are back with a new recipe. The new Sosage mix they use is handmade in Nottingham using organically grown wheat, oats & soya all sourced from either the UK or EU. Buy them ready to eat or get a bag of Bake@Home ones uncooked and frozen, to keep in your freezer and cook as required; they're at their best served warm straight from the oven! Rolled inside each one is a dollop of sweet yet savoury red onion which has been caramelised using balsamic vinegar & brown sugar Suitable for vegans. Suitable for freezing if buying fresh sausage rolls. Bake@Home sausage rolls are supplied frozen

Supplier FarrinHeight Foods Ⓥ
Ingredients Puff pastry, meat-free organic sausage mix (*wholewheat breadcrumbs, *soya mince, *oatflakes, yeast extract, *onion, sea salt, stabilisers - locust bean & xanthan gum, *black pepper, *sage, *beetroot powder), water, caramelised red onion (red onion, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar), mixed herbs
Shelf Life Best eaten within 3 days of delivery
Allergen Information Contains gluten, soya, sulphites
Category Vegetarian & Vegan