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Ecoleaf Clothing Stain Remover

Household Goods / edibLE16 Eco Products
Product Description

Range of environmentally friendly household cleaning products that are non-toxic and safe for use around the home. EdibLE16 already offer Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid and also offer this product which complements the cleaning power of the laundry liquid to manage heavier stains.  The stain remover powder is packed into plastic tubs with tight sealing lids to keep your powder dry. The product is vegan and cruelty free made in the UK. The Ecoleaf range of cleaning products is derived from plant extracts and is based on biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients. All the extracted plant ingredients are from sustainable sources. Most cleaning products are derived from petroleum-based resources and may contain harsh chemicals such as phosphates, caustics and other chemicals that can be hazardous to the user and the environment. Useful Information: Use 1 x 25ml scoop per wash. This pack contains enough for 20 washes.

Supplier edibLE16 Eco Products
Ingredients Sodium carbonate granular, Sodium percarbonate (oxyper), Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium silicate, Sodium cocosulfate
Shelf Life
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Category Household Goods