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Healy's of Winwick

Healy's of Winwick was borne out of Ben's love of cider. As a carpenter and joiner, Ben has always appreciated fine craftsmanship and a love of nature and the great outdoors. A few years ago, Ben became passionate about cider and set about a journey to craft his own. His journey began with his handmade oak cider press and all of the apples used in the creation of our cider, are pressed in this way. The products you see available today are a culmination of knowledge, hard work and a passion for cider (as well as lots of market evaluation, of course!). The apples that make our ciders, are all handpicked in Northamptonshire. Ben's favourite apple picking mornings are those crisp, sunny ones! Our cider house is nestled in the beautiful, rural, Northamptonshire countryside and with a lot of hard work and patience the process that follows, brings you Healy's of Winwick refreshing ciders.
1 Manor Cottage, Winwick, Northamptonshire, NN6 7PD
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