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Nakasero Foods

Nakasero brings you Chicago’s best-kept secret-Giardiniera. A spicy, tangy Italian pickle made from chilies, bell peppers, garlic and other crispy vegetables infused with a careful blend of herbs and spices. Once you've tried it, you just can’t get enough. Whilst visiting the Windy City, Chicago Gita was first introduced to Giardiniera. It is the classic topping for the Chicago Chicken Deli, Italian Sausage Sandwiches, Bratwursts, Hot Dogs, Burgers and even Pizza! Gita had never tasted anything like it. Tangy, crisp and sharp yet fresh. She was hooked. Back to England she found a few on-line suppliers who sold it, however it tasted nothing like the heaven on a plate she had tasted in Chicago. The texture of the vegetables wasn’t crunchy, tangy and fresh, it just tasted mushy and stale. So Gita got to work, four months and multiple attempts later, she had the perfect authentic Giardiniera with her own twist. We love to throw it on top of salads to add a fun boost of flavour. It is an ideal accompaniment to steak, chicken or fish, great in sandwiches and wraps and really adds a zing to your guacamole, its versatile enough to add to vegan meals and is an exciting addition to any cheese board.
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