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Free Range Goose

Chicken, Turkey, Goose, Duck, Cockerel / Fossemeadows Farm
Product Description

Goose is not for sale this year. Breeder has come down with Avian influenza For an unadulterated Saxon Christmas, it has to be goose. As with Christmas cockerel, the Christmas goose was enjoyed as a popular choice for a delicious Christmas meal up until the 16th Century, before the introduction of turkey. Our Norfolk goose is such a luxurious bird to enjoy together. Their free range geese are like the cows of the bird world. They’re truly free ranging having full access to acres of our clover-rich and pesticide-free pastures and are topped up with home-grown wheat without any additives or growth promoters. Our geese are slow grown to a maturity of 6-7 months to develop a natural marbling of the meat, and a beautiful fat layer under the skin. Everything they say about the crispy skin is true and the rich, dark meat is simply delicious. Their geese are dry plucked and game hung for 7-10 days before dressing. Comes with giblets, goose fat, cooking instructions and a pop-up timer. Goose size Which sized goose is right for me? All our geese fit in standard UK ovens – phew! Here are our serving suggestions to help you decide which sized goose is right for your celebration. 4kg – feeds 5 people 5kg – feeds 7 people 6kg – feeds 9 people

Supplier Fossemeadows Farm
Shelf Life 1st January 2020 if kept in a well regulated fridge.
Allergen Information None
Category Chicken, Turkey, Goose, Duck, Cockerel