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Phipps NBC

The Albion Brewery 54 Kingswell Street Northampton Northamptonshire NN1 1PR

Phipps Northampton Brewery Company is the oldest and best known name in the local brewing world. Founded in Towcester in 1801, it opened its second and larger brewery in Northampton in 1817. For nearly 175 years the company produced a distinctive range of cask ales headed by the legendary Phipps IPA. After a hostile take over by keg beer kings Watney-Mann, the Northampton Bridge Street Brewery was closed and the site handed over to Carlsberg who brew there to this day. Phipps continued in the form of a regional pub chain, buying in beers from outside the county. In 2004 local management seized the opportunity to take over the brand and turn the company into an independent brewer once more. With the help of a gallant band of old Phipps Bridge Street Brewers and a return to the board of the founding Phipps family, Phipps IPA was put back on the area's bars from 2008. Since then many more iconic and much loved Phipps brews have appeared along with a growing range of new contemporary beeers. In 2014 the business mobed production back to the last surviving part of th eold Phipps brewery complex, the 1884 Albion Brewery in the heart of the old town. Today the building is also home to the Albion Brewery Bar, a popular destination for locals and brewery history enthusiasts alike. After reviving the company's brewing range, attention was turned to Gin production, something Phipps had abandoned as long ago as 1940. Today the wide variety of Phipps gins, distilled in the Albion Brewery, carry the company 's name even farther afield than the beers.

Warners Distillery

Falls Farm 34 High Street Harrington Northamptonshire NN6 9NU

Real craft is more than a sticker on a bottle. It’s dirty hands, hard work, full hearts, and a deep love of the land. It’s coming to work every day with a smile on your face and a fire in your belly to make uncompromising, epic gin. Real craft means graft. Real craft keeps you humble. We started in 2012 on our beautiful family farm, with no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We began with the things that matter most and a dream to save the world from mediocre gin. We ended up stripping the industry back to its roots: we became gin farmers. Our gin is crafted with nature. We draw water from our spring, grow the botanicals, and collect fresh honey from our own beehives. We try to keep things local and, as custodians of the land, we harvest with a respect for nature and the community. As we go, we try to give back more than we take: re-sow, replant, rebuild. When it’s time to distil, we question, experiment and invent epic gins, including some never imagined before. We do it in small batches in our gorgeous bespoke copper stills, Curiosity and Satisfaction. We have a lot of fun and think outside the bottle. This is how, after years of planning and months of experimentation, we created our first, award-winning London Dry Gin. Then we pushed further, forging new gins… and whole new categories of gin. Creating world firsts, like our sweet, tangy rhubarb gin. Our gut is our guide, and nature our inspiration. So, raise a glass with us: to craft, to the land, to laughter and loved ones. In the end, those are the things that matter most!