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Motivation Mentoring for Young Men (Under 35s)

Gift & Experience Vouchers / Purpose In Action Coaching & Mentoring for Men
Product Description

A lot of young men are struggling to find direction in life, form meaningful relationships and discover their strengths.

Do you know any?

Purpose In Action Coaching supports these men to put their lives straight, by providing guidance, encouragement and constructive challenge that brings about greater levels of focus, motivation and personal responsibility.

Our 90 minute session is designed to give them a kick start in that direction.

Our monthly mentoring support includes:

  • - Initial 1 hour 1:1 Goal Setting Session
  • - Quarterly 1 hour 1:1 Mentoring Session
  • - 30 minute weekly group discussion/debate sessions
  • - Private WhatsApp group
  • - Self study course materials
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