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Fosse Meadow Farm Free Range Cockerel.

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3 star Great Taste Award Cockerels are reared at Fosse Meadows Farm in North Kilworth, and supplied to edible16 by Waterloo Cottage Farm. A juicier, bolder meat than turkey with a gamier flavour - quite simply delicious! 

Fosse Meadows rear traditional Free-Range birds with access to grassy pastures 24hrs a day and a barn with straw bedding and roosting perches to spend the evening if they wish. Slow grown 6 months to maturity. Fed a natural cereal diet rich with corn. Dry plucked and 14 days game hung.

  • For 4 people, you need a 3kg Cockerel
  • For 6 people, you need a 4kg Cockerel
  • For 9 people, you need a 5kg Cockerel

Supplier Waterloo Cottage Farm
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