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Christmas Aisle

Fosse Meadow Farm Turkey Crown.

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Take home the true taste of bronze turkey. Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste 1 Star Winner, 2020 The Fosse free range bronze turkey is generous and delicious, with succulent marbled meat and an exceptionally rich flavour. Our traditional strains of bronze turkeys are slow-reared for around twice the length of time as commercial turkeys. They arrive from Kelly Bronze’s Farmgate Hatcheries as day-old poults and are naturally grown to a maturity of 6 months. Our turkeys spend a greater amount of time free-ranging and foraging on pesticide-free grassy pastures, which allows them to put down a nice layer of natural fat. They develop a deep, rich flavour and succulent texture due to the marbling of the meat. So never again will you experience dry turkey!  — Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste 1 Star Winner, 2020 judges comments: A generously sized bird, sitting gold and proud on the platter, with a well bronzed skin and a very good aroma. The dark meat has a rich stickiness – almost a belly pork character – which we enjoyed. This is a good all round turkey – each part, the white meat, the dark meat and the skin – all carrying character to provide a decent mouthful of turkey.

Supplier Waterloo Cottage Farm
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