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Free Range, gluten free Pork, Apple & Leek Sausages

Bacon, Sausages, Gammon / Waterloo Cottage Farm
Product Description

Sausages made from free range pork shoulder, apple and leek you can really taste. Antibiotic free meat. Each 1lb (456g) pack contains 6 sausages. May be supplied frozen.

Pork is the meat that has been most compromised by intensive factory farming methods and selective breeding. That's why so much of what's on offer is dry and characterless. We breed  traditional native breeds of high welfare British pigs, which have a wonderful flavour. They have an essential covering of fat and a succulent, creamy meat.

Supplier Waterloo Cottage Farm
Shelf Life 5 DAYS
Allergen Information Contain sulphites
Category Bacon, Sausages, Gammon