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Pasteurised Organic Milk

Eggs, Milk & Yoghurt / A J Hunt
Product Description

Delicious organic Leicestershire Milk in Glass Bottles Available for home delivery & click and collect. This milk is so good that we don't want our home delivery customers to miss out. It takes a few minutes to understand, however, we believe it’s worth it to reduce plastic use. HOW DOES IT WORK? First time buyers please select '1 litre milk including reusable bottle'. You buy your first bottle. Repeat purchase of milk please select ‘1 litre milk only’ RETURNING YOUR GLASS BOTTLE Please leave out your empty, clean bottle for our delivery driver on your subsequent deliveries. We will bring your next litre of milk in a different bottle. OR when collecting at Waterloo Cottage please bring your bottle in as normal and we will fill it there and then. PLEASE WASH your bottles out with hot soapy water before returning. We will then sterilise the bottles at Waterloo Cottage before reusing A J Hunt pasteurised milk is produced by our certified organic cows. Unlike supermarkets, they do NOT homogenise their milk – and so a delicious cream layer will form on top. Simply shake the cream back in, or be the lucky one to have it all to yourself on your favourite cereal! To ensure your milk stays fresh once taken home, keep it in the fridge below 4 degrees C with the cap on. If possible, try not to leave your milk on the countertop or exposed to light for too long. Before refilling your bottle, please ensure that it is throughly cleaned – our bottles are completely dishwasher safe. Following these simple steps will ensure your milk will stay fresh for longer.

Supplier A J Hunt
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Category Eggs, Milk & Yoghurt