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15% off Beef Box

Beef / Waterloo Cottage Farm Meat Box
Product Description

Offer increased till our fridge is balanced. We hate food waste and would love you to benefit. BEEF BOX Each joint/package FEEDS 4-7 PEOPLE, meat content of each meal costs £8.33 Price is 15% OFF shop price 100% pasture fed beef, no harmful pesticides/herbicides on the grazing land, no antibiotics, grown at its own speed. Hung for between 14-28 days. NO GRAIN = NO DIG = NO UPSETTING THE SOIL BIOLOGY Breed: Highlander From farms within 8 miles of Waterloo Cottage Farm, Great Oxendon. Low food milesBraising steak 2 x 500gms Shin 2 x 500gms Mince 3 x 500gms Topside/Silverside 2 x 1kg Slow roast 3 x 1kg

Supplier Waterloo Cottage Farm Meat Box
Shelf Life Sold fresh, shelf life as per label. Can be frozen.
Allergen Information NONE
Category Beef