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Butchery Morning

Gift & Experience Vouchers / Waterloo Cottage Farm
Product Description

A great present idea, spend a morning with the butchers . Learn how to butcher beef/pork/lamb/chicken/curing & charcuterie. The morning starts at 9.30am. and finishes about 12:30. When booking the date Kirsty will discuss what you are most interested in and plan the morning around that. There will be a maximum of 4 people., but, quite often it is a 1:2:1 session. You can take home items that you have butchered with a discount of 10%. When you place the order it may take a few days to process the voucher, which will be emailed to you, so, that you can print it off and package it.

Supplier Waterloo Cottage Farm
Shelf Life September 2022. If you have a problem with dates please contact us.
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Category Gift & Experience Vouchers